Why PerfectQue

A Local Team with a Global Focus


As our banner says “Our Team in Europe changes your state of mind”. We are a Husband and Wife team based in Toronto, focused on building remote teams where our clients have a Peace of Mind and Trust us that we will deliver Quality of Service, Commitment, and Excellence.


Canadian Management Team

  • Management Team Based in Toronto
  • Knowledge of Canadian Business Practices and Communication Protocols
  • Ability to work hand in hand with Local teams
Customer Success

Customer Success

PerfectQue European Team

  • Dedicated HR and Talent Acquisition team
  • University Graduates with degrees in Software Engineering, Technology, and Business.
  • Working with Canadian Clients in English/French from last Four Years

Benefits of Working with PerfectQue

  • Guaranteed Quantitative and Qualitative Savings with PerfectQue
  • Helping Organizations achieve Financial and Operational Goals
  • A Customer Success approach to project Kick-Off, Launch, and Go-Live
  • Clear Communication built on Trust and Alignment of Organizational Goals
Customer Success

Customer Success

Achieving Organizational Goals with PerfectQue

  • Building Customer Success, Customer Support and Technical Support Teams to deliver Quality of Service to Clients and their Customers
  • Reducing Operational Costs while delivering Customer Experience
  • Creating Off-Shore teams fully integrated into you People, Process and Products
  • 50-60% Reduction in Cost without sacrificing Quality

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