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A Local Team with a Global Focus


The demand for software development talent has been outstripping the supply side for quite sometime. This has come to a point that places like India and Eastern Europe are no longer cost effective. At PerfectQue whethere you are on-boarding a single team member or a group of technical resources we ensure that your experience of working with each team member results in a long term partnership of mutual success and growth.

Delivering Value

  • Specializing in On-boarding from Entry Level to Senior Technical Resources
  • Technical Recruitment Team Engaged in European Market
  • Building Distributed/Dedicated Technical Teams (Local + Global)

Key Differentiator

  • Dedicated Resource Model
  • 100% Ownership of Office in Central Europe
  • No Middle Management Layers
  • PerfectQue manages Contracts, Payroll, Legal
  • Remote Team fully Integrated into Your People, Process, and Products
Customer Success

Cost Savings

India is no longer a cost savings haven and the demand for IT resources results in churn, constant hiring, training which end up eliminating the cost savings. We are based in Central Europe which is cost effective and there is large pool of resources who is graduating every year with no job prospects. Our office in Central Europe is a bridge to this talent pool and delivers Savings to our clients.

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