Remote Technical Team Building

A Local Team with a Global Focus


When organizations open offices in different countries and hire employees directly these employees are considered part of your company. We want our clients to consider the PerfectQue team as part of their own team.

PerfectQue builds teams that are integrated into your People, Process, and Products. We don’t believe in the traditional outsourcing model where organizations assign a task to the remote team and there is minimal communication between the team members.

Extension of Your Local Team
The team that PerfectQue builds for you is an extension of your local team. If there are additional tasks that you want the team to execute your company does not have to ask PerfectQue. The task assignment should not be any different the way you assign tasks to your local team. We encourage our clients to keep the teams busy and allocate additional work to the teams to minimize idle time.

Daily/Weekly Scrum
We encourage our clients to include the team in Europe in your daily or weekly scrum to keep the teams engaged and build team spirit. We encourage our team members to turn on the cameras for conversations especially when they are working from the office.

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