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PerfectQue has existing policies and procedures in place to meet the requirements of existing clients however, new policies and procedures have been being implemented to comply with the requirements of GDPR, HIPPA and PCI-DSS.

Compliance Officer
A local team member is assigned the duties of a compliance officer to monitor implementation and compliance of HIPPA and GDPR.

Policies and Procedures Implementation
All legal documents and updating of internal Policies and Procedures as required are being updated by a team of lawyers and security specialist.

Technical Implementation
Technical Implementation to meet security requirements have been implemented.

Formal training is complemented with in-house training to ensure that employees accessing confidential data understand rules and regulations and restrictions placed on the organization as a controller or sub-processor.

Risk Assessment
Periodic risk assessments are conducted and new policies and procedures are implemented to ensure security of client data. Any procedural or technical risks identified are addressed by implementing enterprise level security solutions.

Remote Team – COVID-19
Policies and procedures are implemented to ensure security of client data.

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