Its amazing how few weeks have altered the lives of billions of people and everyone is trying to adjust to the new reality in its own way. This Paradigm shift forced me today to go-online for grocery shopping which I would have never thought of doing in my lifetime. I was not successful as one of the major giants was not delivering and the pick up was booked for the next five days. I decided to STAY HOME.

Organizations who were too rigid or provided limited freedom to employees to work remotely were forced by nature to give people the freedom to work from home. I am documenting what I have learned in the last few weeks.


Family Comes First

We should look at the positives as things never remain the same. In the last two week we spent time with the kids playing table tennis with them, talking to them about the challenges we are facing and how we will get through this one way or the other

  1. Spent Time with the Kids
  2. Taught them not to Waste Food
  3. Saved Money on Gas and 407
  4. Cut down our Expenses
  5. Planning for projects at home
  6. Staying Home

This is the Good part of this pandemic that it has brought everyone closer together and we are more empathetic towards each other.

What Can You do:

  • Spend Time with Family and Friends (Video Chat, Texting, FaceTime)
  • Pick a hobby, learn a new skill that you always wanted to learn
  • Budget your Expenses
  • Don’t buy unnecessary items when shopping online
  • Exercise (A lot of free videos on YouTube)                   
  • Conserve Energy and Reduce your utility Bills

The Climate Change

A hot topic which required a global action and multiple conferences and meetings which did not bare fruit has been implemented by nature.

This pandemic has given Mother Earth the break it has been looking for, lets keep it like this after the virus is brought under control.

What Can You do:

  • Stay Home
  • Plant something in your balcony or back yard
  • Add water in a cup for the birds to drink and put it outside

A Unified Front

The pandemic has given humanity a challenge which requires participation from everyone. This is the time for us to unite and STAY at HOME. As long as your health is there you will have a new career, a new spring and a new summer but if we don’t unify and act collectively this curse will continue.

What Can You do:


Job Losses

This is the sad side of this reality. I myself was laid off three times in my career and now when I look back, I THANK all those managers who let me go because that really made me think how I want to plan my life.

  Job Loss is Temporary – The Strength that comes from it is Forever.

Be Creative, take your time to think and set New Goals and Objectives so that you are not the one who is laid off next time.

What Can You do:

  • Don’t lose Hope
  • Keep Your Focus
  • Help Someone with your Connections
  • Think and Plan what you would do if such a catastrophe happens again
  • Network online – https://www.techtoronto.org/

Mental Health

The pressures we all are facing is a reality and we as humans think and do calculations, adjusts our budgets and worry about the future. We need to worry about our mental health and those around us.  

What Can You do:                                                                   

  1. Exercise https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwkrup_TG6I
  2. Don’t Lose temper
  3. Keep yourself Busy

I myself am going to start some painting projects and have decided to play Table Tennis with my wife/business partner on a regular basis.

Social Isolation

Lets all sacrifice a little bit and Stay at Home and I am the one who is in favor of a lockdown so we can nip this evil in the bud before this summer. If we continue our ways and don’t adhere to the Simple principle of Staying at Home this spread will continue for a much longer time.

What Can You do:                                                                   


Loss of Life

A lot of people are dying because of this pandemic and families, communities and our health teams are being impacted emotionally. So be smart about this and don’t become a statistic.

What Can You do:                                                                   

                                    Don’t become a Statistic – Stay HOME

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