Outsourcing Project Planning

Project Outsourcing Planning Guide

Once you have decided that you want to Outsource a specific task/process or a business function it is necessary that you create a project plan which clearly outlines the roles and responsibilities of various actors and the timelines associated with it.

Outsourcing project can range from very simple task to complex software development project which require a much more rigorous and detailed planning. This planning guide is for small to mid-size Software as a Service (SaaS) companies who are planning to Outsource customer support/customer success or any other back office operation.

1.    Project Pre-Launch

In-House Preparation

Success of an outsourcing project is not only dependent on the Quality of the Outsourcing company you have selected it is also dependent on the leadership and preparation you have done internally to ensure that the Customer Journey that you are about to embark on is a Positive one and is on the Adoption and Expansion path as opposed to path which leads to churn and abandoning of the outsourcing project.

Here are few steps you as an Organization can take when planning for an Outsourcing project:

Don’t Make Assumptions:

Don’t make any assumptions especially when you are Outsourcing because the knowledge you have acquired over the years or take for granted as common knowledge is not that common. A person sitting in another part of the world may not be familiar with the terminology or might use the same terminology in a very different context. These assumptions can create confusion and result in challenges down the road.

Create Documentation:

If your internal processes or procedures that you want to Outsource are not documented and the knowledge is resident with few key people in the organization then this is the perfect time to document these steps, processes and procedures. This documentation or knowledge base can be shared with your employees or customers if it answers their commonly asked questions.

Refine Your Processes

An Outsourcing project is a perfect opportunity to review and refine your existing processes and procedures. Tasks that seemed critical and added value initially might be obsolete and not required now. Its also possible that your product has new features and the existing features are not serving the same purpose so it’s a good idea to look at your processes and procedures and see if they can be simplified.

Create a Project Plan

Create a project plan with various roles and responsibilities clearly defined share it with the Service Provider. A clearly defined time line will ensure that the project is launched on time and the off-shore team is ready on the agreed upon Go-Live date. When creating this project plan be aware of the public holidays and time difference in the country where you are Outsourcing as you don’t want the team to come to work on Public holidays during the training phase.

  • Public Holidays in the Service Provider Country
  • Time Difference between the two Countries

Assign a Key Contact

This person will be responsible for communicating with the Outsourcing Provider/Partner and ensuring that information and knowledge shared or any escalations or request are handled in a consistent manner.

2.    Training and Knowledge Transfer

Training and Knowledge transfer is an on-going process and is critical for the success of an outsourcing project. A picture is worth a thousand words and you can find more details about knowledge transfer at the link below:


3.    Technical Configuration/Testing

It is important that the technical teams start talking to each other early in the process to ensure that the configuration for system access, firewall settings, VOIP settings, desktop requirements are all configured and tested to ensure that the technical issues are not encountered on the Go-Live date.

4.    Project Launch

The off-shore team should start using the system during the training period so that any technical challenges that arise are resolved before the Go-Live date. This soft launch will help the team transition to the Go-Live phase of the project with great success.

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