Growth after COVID-19

According to the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche “what does not kill me, make me stronger” has such a deep meaning and you can only comprehend it once you have been through a particular situation. However, the confidence, the strength and sheer motivation to push forward that comes from it is forever.

Getting Laid-off

While thousands of people are being laid off and its not an easy time as you have to face the financial reality and the stress that comes with it. This is further complicated with the psychological impact that COVID-19 has in regards to Staying Home. I have been laid off three times in my career and one of them was the Dot-com bust. The challenges that I encountered are very similar to anyone who loses his/her job.

  1. Paying Mortgage
  2. Car Payment
  3. Food
  4. Raising Kids
  5. Finding a New Job

It took me more than 3-4 months before I was able to find my next job in the IT Sector with a 40% pay cut.

How Did I get my Next Job?

I found my next job through networking. One of my colleagues knew the hiring manager and that made all the difference. I worked at the same company for the next 12 years while working on my plan to not get laid off again.

                    The Key is Networking

Take Calculated Risks

You will sooner or later find a job as things don’t stay the same forever and this time will pass. Think of what business you can launch while working full-time which can eventually lead you to a full-time work of your own.

                   Diversified Source of Income 

Financial Advisors always talk about diversified portfolio, investing in stocks, cash, bonds, RRSP etc. What I can teach you from my personal experience is that focus on a Diversified Source of Income plan.

Referral Commission or Part of Revenue Stream

During this time of pandemic every business is looking for new customers and there is no shame in leveraging your network and creating a referral commission or percentage of revenue stream by introducing companies to a potential client.

                    Referral Business Idea that Worked for me

I was working with a Software Development company always looking for ways to diversify my income and not rely on my job for my source of income. I started my first project and outsourced the work to a business partner with whom I have been working for ten years now. This first outsourcing project enabled me to build PerfectQue and after ten years we are a husband and wife team who own are office in central Europe and specialize in building customer support and customer success teams in Europe. Finding the right outsourcing partner is the key when trying to find a service provider or thinking of partnering with someone to build a revenue stream for yourself http://perfectque.com/blog/selecting-the-right-outsourcing-partner/ .

If you have any contacts that you think will benefit from PerfectQue Outsourcing services please contact me at asifc@perfectque.com.

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