Customer Support Outsourcing

Companies outsource customer support, chat support, customer on-boarding or similar other projects to reduce their in-house costs, meet 24/7 support, or offer support in different languages. When outsourcing a project to a service provider cost should not be the only factor that companies should focus on. Here are 5 other factors to look at when outsourcing a customer support project.

Understanding Local Business Practices

When searching for outsourcing companies in Canada don’t just focus on companies that will take your project and assign to a third party which is responsible for executing your outsourcing project in India or Philippines. Instead, you should find a company which has a team in North America which is a phone call away and understand the business practices and etiquette.

Project Planning

Outsourcing customer support or customer on-boarding are no different from any other project. It is critical that a project plan is prepared and timeliness are respected to launch a successful project. http://perfectque.com/blog/project-outsourcing-planning-guide/ provides you information on launching a successful customer support project.

Team Integration

When working with a service provider it is critical that you emphasize on team integration as opposed to a model where a specific task is outsourced and is left at the whims of the service provider to deliver quality. Our experience has shown that Outsourcing projects always succeed when companies looking for customer support outsourcing partners are fully engaged and treat the off-shore team as part of the local team.

Control on Team Selection

Majority of companies in the outsourcing world are based on partnerships or relationships with companies owned by other entities. This results in lack of control on who is being deployed on the project and what testing and selection mechanisms are being used. Even the company to whom the project has been outsourced locally is not aware of who is working on the project. This is what PerfectQue has done differently when it comes to recruiting, hiring, training and on-boarding of team members to a project. PerfectQue with direct ownership of the office in Europe with no third parties or partners has taken the resource quality question out of the equation.

Cost Vs Quality

What we have learned over the years is that lowest cost is not always the best solution. When outsourcing a customer support project your savings are always going to be in the 40-50% range. Trying to save more than 40-50% will result in Vendor cutting corners and in the long run it’s your customers and your business that will suffer.

There are other factors such as experience in the vertical, language skills, adherence to service levels, internal quality control processes that a company should also consider when outsourcing a customer support project.

If you have any questions about outsourcing and need additional information please feel free to contact Asif Chowdary https://www.linkedin.com/in/asif-chowdhary-perfectque/ at asifc@perfectque.com.

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