Remote Customer Support Teams

Should Customer Experience when delivering food suffer because your customers have decided not use the digital channels you have been promoting. All of a sudden, the call volumes to your contact center or organization have increased and the wait times and the queues where the internal SLA was set to 30 seconds is now north of 30 – 50 minutes.

This is especially true for organizations which have been defined essential services such as banks, telecommunications, and food delivery services. To reduce churn, this is a perfect opportunity to enhance customer experience especially If you are a food delivery chain.

Reduce Wait Times

If your organization SLA was to respond to each customer call within 30 seconds then reduce wait times to 15 seconds. The reason for reducing the peak time is that customers are already anxious and stressed with factors that are not in their control. Adding longer wait times for food ordering can further frustrate a customer.

Build Team Capacity

The technology is readily available to build a distributed team which can work remotely. At this point you can leverage the people who are readily available to work locally or you can engage outsourcing companies in Canada who easily build a remote team for you. Here are 5 factors to consider when outsourcing customer support http://perfectque.com/blog/outsourcing-customer-support/.

Manage Peaks

In the food industry the restaurant business has two peaks the lunch hour rush and the dinner rush. The ability to meet these peaks and ensuring that sufficient team members are available to respond to customer needs will enhance Customer Experience. These peaks can be managed by building team capacity.

Increase Digital Support Channels

If your phone channels are running on capacity and your support team is having difficulty to respond to all customer queries in a timely manner think of building team capacity and adding digital channels to your mix.

Listen to Your Customers

This is not the time to penalize your team members on talk times and other stats as your customers and team members are under extreme pressure because of the global events. So its extremely import that while we are taking care of Customer Experience we don’t forget Employee Experience.

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