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Like Everyone else, for us the last two weeks were very interesting as we along with thousands of businesses had to make tough decisions and move our team to work remotely.

The interesting part is that we are a Husband and Wife team based in Toronto with a team in Europe which is our responsibility as we don’t have any partners over there to make local decisions. We were already working remotely for the last four years and then we had to make them more remote.

Challenges Presented to Us

How to Keep our Team Members Safe

The first though that came to our mind was how we can keep our team members safe and continue to deliver service to our clients without any interruption. Running a business remotely is a challenge but we have mastered this art over the years. 

  • Moved a team of 100 people to work remotely in less than 4 days
  • Assisted our team members in obtaining internet connections
  • Enhanced office sanitization
What we Learned
  • We always thought of moving our team to work from home in Europe because of the time difference and were testing it slowly. The COVID-19 situation helped us make that decision in one hour.

Go with Your Gut – Don’t Wait

  • Being a techy and responsible for our infrastructure I was always concerned with redundancy. With a distributed team you automatically have Redundancy

Remote Teams – Delivering Redundancy

Workforce Changes

Like all other businesses we have to make decisions that impact our headcount as our clients move through these challenging times. Our goal is to continue to deliver Quality of Service to our clients and adjust our workforce accordingly.

What we Learned
  • Make Decisions Faster when it comes to workforce efficiency
  • Monitor your headcount closely
  • Utilization is the Key.

Local Laws / Lockdown

To protect our employees and work within the legal framework of another country its critical that we stay abreast of the changes on the ground in Central Europe. Our legal team and accounting team kept us informed and provided us solutions which we implemented over night to enable our employees to work remotely.

What we Learned

Over the years I have built strong relationships with people in Central Europe where our office is located and believe me, they will come to help you if you have invested in those relationships.

Build Relationships

Launching a New Project Remotely

In all this we were busy training a team to provide support to another SaaS company in Toronto. We went live this week and it was a wonderful feeling in all this Chaos.

There is always a Silver Lining

Managing a Construction Project Remotely

Like all other companies we expanded rapidly from a team of 10 to 100+ in less than four years. Yes, like all other plans I decided to build our own office with a capacity of 150+ people and guess what we all went Remote 😊

What we Learned

   There is a Force Majeure Clause in the Contract 😊

Reduce Costs

This is my favourite as I monitor the costs very closely and have always been a conservative investor and take calculated risks so this cost cutting was not difficult. We immediately reduced our operational costs which we were incurring previously.

What we Learned
  • Don’t Spend unless its absolutely Necessary
  • Reduce Spending Approval Limits
  • Make your team conscious of the Fixed Costs

What Next

As an Individual
  • We are all in this Together
  • Your Family and Friends Matter
  • Stay Home Stay Safe
As a Business
  • Make the Right Decisions
  • Reduce Cost
  • Streamline Your Process
  • Watch Your Bottom Line
  • Plan for the Future

In the end its all about how you treat your people and support them during difficult times.

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