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We are Customer Centric and Customer Focused

Experience Working with Canadian and American Clients (English/French)

Savings Competitive with India and Philippines

Husband and Wife team in Toronto

Collaborative, Transparent, and Simple On-boarding Process

Business Relationship based on Honesty, Trust, and Transparency

What Our Customers Say

"PerfectQue's focus on maintaining a transparent and honest channel to share feedback between our teams has allowed FlipGive to maintain our high standards of satisfaction to our customers. Saima and Asif's genuine attention and care for us, their client, as well as their own team, is what's helped us successfully launch our outsourcing project. Using data, numbers and most importantly care for their clients, PerfectQue has proven to be a great asset to our organization. I recommend meeting with both of them, you won't be disappointed."

Customer Success Manager at FlipGive

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