Cost Savings is one of the key factor's companies look at when searching for Outsourcing Companies in Philippines or India

PerfectQue Outsourcing

PerfectQue has mastered the process of on-boarding Remote Teams and launching successful customer support and back office projects.

Customer Success

PerfectQue specializes in building remote teams that are integrated into your People, Process, and Products.

Customer Success

PerfectQue Serverless environment, VPN, Duo Security is bundled with comprehensive policies and procedures.

With 200+ Team Members
We are Customer Centric and Customer Focused

Customer Success

Ensuring that Customer Onboarding process is meeting Customer Expectation and is focused on delivering First Time to Value

Customer Support

Anticipating Customer needs and enabling them to achieve Desired Business Results

Team Building

Delivering First Time to Value practicing Proactive Customer Engagement to ensure a Successful Product Adoption is just the start of a successful customer journey

Customer Support -
Part of Your Customer Journey

PerfectQue Customer Support team in Europe is helping American and Canadian companies in delivering Customer Support through phone, email, chat, and social channels such as Slack both in English and French language.

  • Support team Integrated into your People, Process and Products
  • Delivering Quality of Service to enable Customers to achieve their Goals and Objectives
  • Collaborative Team Approach
Customer Success

Customer Engagement

Technical Support which Delivers Product Adoption

Just having technical skills in this competitive world of e-commerce and subscription model where the user has the power to cancel the contract any time requires Customer Success to be adopted as a company strategy. With PerfectQue technical teams are trained, educated and coached on the principles of Customer Success to deliver solutions that help users achieve their business goals.

  • Technical team Integrated into your People, Process and Products
  • University Graduates with degrees in Software Engineering, Automation and Business
  • Collaborative Team Approach
  • 24/7/365
Customer Engagement

Build your European Software Development Team

This model is more suitable for organizations in the Technology space where the system, technologies and deliverables require an organization to be in total control. PerfectQue recruits dedicated resources such as Software Engineers, Data Scientists and other skilled resources based on the job description you share.

  • Dedicated Resources Hired for your Organization
  • PerfectQue handles Hiring, Payroll, Contracts, IT Infrastructure
  • Transparency in Resource Costs
  • Fixed Management Fee with No Hidden Cost

Why PerfectQue



200+ Team Members in Europe and Asia

PerfectQue Outsourcing


Experienced in Building Customer Support, Customer Success, Technical Support and Back Office Operation Teams.

Customer Success


Guaranteed Quantitative and Qualitative Savings based on Honesty and Trust

  • Management Team Based in Toronto
  • Knowledge of Canadian Business Practices and Communication Protocols
  • Ability to work hand in hand with Local teams
Customer Service
  • Dedicated HR and Talent Acquisition team
  • University Graduates with degrees in Software Engineering, Technology, and Business.
  • Working with Canadian Clients in English/French from last Four Years
French Bilingual
  • Guaranteed Quantitative and Qualitative Savings with PerfectQue
  • Helping Organizations achieve Financial and Operational Goals
  • A Customer Success approach to project Kick-Off, Launch, and Go-Live
  • Clear Communication built on Trust and Alignment of Organizational Goals
  • Building Customer Success, Customer Support and Technical Support Teams to deliver Quality of Service to Clients and their Customers
  • Reducing Operational Costs while delivering Customer Experience
  • Creating Off-Shore teams fully integrated into you People, Process and Products
  • 50-60% Reduction in Cost without sacrificing Quality
  • WnTD

    WnTD Partners is a Customer Success Training and Consulting company. They are Customer Success experts that create and execute on strategies that increase revenue, decrease customer churn and decrease the cost to serve. WnTD's customer-first approach focuses on the full customer journey cycle which enables their team to provide solutions that scale and are designed for long-term success. Their team of experienced Customer Success professionals also lend their expertise through comprehensive training and workshops. Whether your training needs are for Customer Success professionals just starting out their career or for seasoned leaders, WnTD's training modules address needs and topics designed for CS professionals and leaders at all levels.

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